Technology Management

Our Technology Management Group (TMG) is a Global Technology Aggregator & Accelerator, engaged with complete innovation ecosystem with myriad stakeholders in various capacities helping them to leverage external sources of R&D and create value from intellectual property.

Our multidisciplinary and multicultural team of advisor, experts and professional provide financial and technical assistance to Multinational Companies, R&D Institutes, spinoff/Startup, SME, Investment firms and Service providers involved in the development of new and innovative processes.

We believe in highly collaborative approach combines scientific expertise with deep market knowledge and a network of the best minds in industry and beyond.

Consulting services for market research and feasibility studies, search for investor, manufacturing partners, benchmarking of markets and international distribution channels, etc

We instinctively take a fresh perspective on situations, exploring whether there are better ways of delivering innovative, pragmatic and commercial solutions to the challenges our clients face in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

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